Bản Báo Cáo Trại Trưởng 08.24.2013


Bản Báo Cáo Trại Trưởng 08.24.2013

Camp Chief Report  8/24/2013.

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Asking Committee Chairs and Subcamp Chiefs to submit

                3 performance goals

                Operational Plan.

                Staffing Status

                Published Camp Chief’s 3 performance goals for camp

                Published in dropbox Camp Chief’s draft of Operational Plan

Volunteer Management System:

                Finalized Volunteer Form

                Just had meeting online tonight from 5PM-8PM.

Tr Dung and team made good progress. 

I think it is usable now.

We trained Tr Thịnh in registration to key in hard copies of Volunteer Form

Tieu Trai Au:

                Got Melissa to agree to allow UHAUL trucks for BB Gun shooting range.

Tieu Trai Thieu: 

Trying to get more staff, from Mien Dong, for Tieu Trai Thieu.

Need local staffing to help Tieu Trai Thieu.

Tieu Trai Thanh:

                Got Quyen Pham to serve as local contact point for recruiting staff in Houston for Tieu Trai Thanh

                Noticed that Tr Hoành has gone dark.  Tr Hoành has not been on facebook group.

Tieu Trai Trang:

                Helped Tr Tu recruit some Trang from Mien Trung for Tieu Trai Trang

                Got Tr Tien to initiate search of Trang from SoCal

Tr Tu has some staff of Trang from Mien Dong!!!

Got Tr Hiếu Đỗ to work on patch cho Tiểu Trại Tráng.

Would like finalize design of Tiểu Trại Tráng.

Tieu Trai Tr Nien:

                Finalized Tieu Trai Tr Nien patch with Tr Tăng Bình and Tr Steven.

Ban Y Tế:

                Recruited 2 doctors for Ban Y Tế

                Has better operational feel for Ban Y Tế.   Went over role and responsibilities with Tr Trản.

                Tr Trản is making good progress on Ban Y Tế.

                Recruited 2 nurses and 2 first responders for Ban Y Tế.

Trading Post:

                Sold 2 Campership patches to date.

                Gross sales of over $800.


Open House

                                Met with Randy Hoenig and marketing committee at SHAC

Randy is inviting some key scouting people from SHAC to attend.  They would like to see how is it that HDVN can do an international jamboree. 

They are interested in learning about how we can organize something on this scale.

Our way of scouting.

                                                                We should have a presentation on HDTU, our organization.

Finished letter of invitation for press.

                                                Marketing and Thong Tin need to mail now.

                                                Finished letter of invitation to Open House.  Asked Ban Thong Tin to distribute.

                                Talk show about TT10/Open House:

 Went on Saigon Houston Radio Friday, 8/23/13 1PM.

Dai Saigon asked for a Thong Bao so they can read for us.

Asked, received, and sent out Thong Bao written from Tr Cuong to Saigon Houston Radio and BYN TV and SBTN TV.

Publicized website on the the Thong Bao. 

                Website must be ready before open house by about 2 or 3 days.

                                Marketing to Scouts Units around town:

                                                Tr Dung has presented to Aldine Pathfinder District

                                                Tr Rosalie has presented to her district.  Golden Arrow?

                                                Can LD Lac Viet present to their district?

                                                Can LD Phap Luan present to their district?

                                Can girl scout leaders do the same in their respective disctrict?

                                Asked Tr Rosalie to get Kim Son to sponsor the food for Open House.

                                                Kim Son has agreed!!!   Thank you Tr Rosalie.  Thank You anh Tri La.


                Promote TT10 with Mien Dong

                                Sent T Shirts to Mien Dong with Grace

                                Asked Tr Bobby Tran to help pass out T Shirts in Mien Dong.

TT10 Website:

Work with VlxCommunication on TT10 website.

                Tr Nam presented layout on Tuesday, 8/20/13.

1)      Tr Nam has presented website.  Posted link to website.

2)      Assigned each committee chair and subcamp chiefs sections of website to update.

3)      Some of us need to go VLX Communications to get training on how to update website.

4)      The rest can send documents to Tr Nam to ask for help to update website.

Attended training with Tr Cuong at VLX Communication on Thursday, 8/22/13. 

                Has been posting stuff on TT10 new web site ever since.

                Need to go through this with committee chairs.

                Glad that Tr Hoang Vi is back in town.  

It takes some pressure off of Tr Steven.  =)  

Tr Steven has done a great job filling in for Tr Vi.               

Thank you Tr Steven.


Food Trucks: 

Met with Food Trucks. 

Has strategy to negotiate with them now.

Need to go ahead and get commitment from some food truck to serve at GV17/Pre TT10.

                Kim Son:

                                We have a quote from Kim Son for GV17/PreTT10

                                Pushing for quote for TT10 also.

                                Has strategy to negotiate with Kim Son.  Delegated to Tr Rosalie Hoa to negotiate and Tr Dung to


Trying to finalize contract with Gordon Ranch.   I am concerned that Tr De has not have an executed contract yet.  Why is that?

Walkthrough at Gordon Ranch.

                Made video notes for us and for campers,


Ban Truyền Thống

                Tried to recruit Tr Thư to help Tr Hải Triều, but he accepted then withdrew.

                Toured Gordon Ranch with Tr Nhan Tang who is in charge of Opening Ceremony.


Camp Gate Design Contest;

                Concerned.  Are we getting any entries?

                Got Tr Huong Dinh and Tr Hung (Rambo) Pham to be on committee to build Cong Trai.


Worked with Tr Hieu to design Patch for Pre TT10.