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Important Announcement!

This is a very important announcement regarding the Au program

For Au's program, as long as the LD meets below requirements, there will not be any problem with the kids participate in our program.  Since we are working with lots of young kids, these rules must be applied and followed throughout all 3 days of our program, not just the 1st day or the 1st hour:
1/ Brownies, Wolf cubs, and up (2nd grades and up): ratio 1-5, 1 leader/adult supervises 5 scouts
2/  Daisies and Tiger cubs: must accompanied by at least 1 parent or 1 guardian (they are too young and leader can not act as guardian)

Trai Au Sneak Peek

Hello everyone!

This week we will be giving you an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of what the Tieu Trai Au will be like!

full-img 6301

If that doesn't scream teamwork, I don't know what does.

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Au Rocket Launch Station

TT10 Au Rocket Launch Station

Will Need Volunteers


Au Rocket Launch StationAu Rocket Launch Station

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