Hội Nghị Trưởng


Chương Trình Họp Hội Chợ Crawfish

Marketing Meeting Agenda

Date:  March 16-18, 2012

Location:  Our Lady of La VangChurch


            Equipment (gas stoves, pots, pans, cooking equipment)

= ANH MAC (La Vang)

Supplies – non food (napkins, sauces, bowls, drinks, to-go boxes, bags)

= ANH / CHI  ______________________________________________________

            Supplies – food (crawfish, fries, nuggets, ingredients)

= ANH / CHI  ______________________________________________________

            Drinks (beer, soft drink and water)


Biểu Đồ Hội Chợ Crawfish

Crawfish Festival Org Chart


Map Camp Strake Location 2                                Map Camp Strake Location

Nestled in the Piney Woods of East Texas lies 2,175 acres of a great camping experience located 40 miles north of Houston and just south of Conroe in Montgomery County on I-45. Camp Strake was acquired in 1942 and dedicated in March, 1944 honoring George and Susan Strake who paid off the note of the purchase of the land. This property has many sections and is used for multiple

Open House Flyer

What: Open House

When: September 7, 2013

Where:  Sam Houston Area Council,  Cockrell Center, Houston, TX

Who:  Thân Hữu Của HĐVN

Open House Flyer v.1.2b PNG

The International Jamboree Of Vietnamese Scouting — A Brief History

Scouting is an educational movement created for young people. It has been popular around the world for the last 100 years. All Scouts, regardless of country of origin or residence, treat each other as true brothers and sisters.

A Jamboree is an old and beautiful tradition of the International Scouting Movement and of the Vietnamese Scouting Movement as well. This is an excellent opportunity for Scouts from all over the world to gather, spend time together, carry out common activities, exchange