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The International Jamboree Of Vietnamese Scouting — A Brief History

Scouting is an educational movement created for young people. It has been popular around the world for the last 100 years. All Scouts, regardless of country of origin or residence, treat each other as true brothers and sisters.

A Jamboree is an old and beautiful tradition of the International Scouting Movement and of the Vietnamese Scouting Movement as well. This is an excellent opportunity for Scouts from all over the world to gather, spend time together, carry out common activities, exchange experiences, get acquainted with various cultures, and solidify a mutual bond between each other in a natural and friendly environment. It is a well known fact that past Jamborees have greatly stimulated the growth of the local Scouting movement of the regions in which they took place.

The Thang Tien Jamboree has become a tradition for the Vietnamese Scouting Movement for the past 20 years.

  • Thang Tien I was organized in Yvelines, France, in 1985;
  • Thang Tien II was in Toronto, Canada, 1988;
  • Thang Tien 2
  • Thang Tien III was in San Jose- California, USA, 1990;
  • Cong Trai TT3 Reduced size 2
  • Thang Tien IV in Chalon-Sur-Saone, France, 1993;
  • Thang Tien V in Glenfield, Australia, 1995-1996;
  • Thang Tien VI in Virginia, USA, 1998. Since then, it has been decided that Thang Tien will take place once every four years.
  • Thang Tien VII took place in Houston-Texas, USA, in 2002; and 4 years later,
  • Thang Tien VIII was organized in 2006, at the heart of the Vietnamese refugee capital: Southern California, USA with more than 1800 participants.
  • Thang Tien IX took place in King City, California USA in 2009
    • TT9 Gate
  • Thang Tien IX (TT9) was the largest Vietnamese Scouting Jamboree ever, with an estimated number of 2000 campers. In addition, the number of visitors might exceed 3000. . TT9 was held at San Lorenzo County Park in Monterey, Northern California from July 11 thru July 17, 2009.+
  • ThangTien X (TT10) will be at Camp Strake near Houston TX, June 27 to July 3rd, 2014.
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  • Thang Tien X (TT10) welcomes scouts from all over the world back to "Mien Nang Am" of Houston, TX.  The camp will actually be at Camp Strake, just south of Conroe TX and just north of the Woodlands.  It is 25 minutes north of George Bush Intercontinental Airport.  This is the second time that the Houston area gets to host a Trai Thang Tiien.  We are estimating that there will be 1200 full time campers and about 300 part time campers and over 300 visitors.  Yes it is hot down here.  Yes there are lots of mosquitoes.  Yes it is much more humid than California.  But hey, as our song say, "Huong Dao Sinh Kho Khan Coi Thuong."  Bring a hat, a bottle for water, some mosquito spray, be prepared as someone once said.   =)

(Based on Sơn Ca Hay Hót)